ALL: Student Support Information
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Pearson School Technical Support provides limited support to school/district students using Pearson products.

Limited support includes:

  • Browser configuration support
  • Plug-in support
  • Installation of Pearson product or multimedia content support
  • General how-to questions
  • General troubleshooting of browser and security settings

Limited support does not include:

  • Assistance with homework
  • Assisting customers under the age of 13
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues
  • Disabling security configurations
  • Uninstalling programs other than Pearson products
  • Host and Port inquiries if connections are owned by the school or district

Students who need help with the following products can visit the Community Connection support pages to review support resources and information:

  • Pearson SuccessNet products, such as PH Literature 2010, enVisionMATH, and Reading Street
  • Pearson SuccessNet Plus products, such as Digits and myWorld Geography
  • NovaNET Courseware
  • NovaNET
Need More Help?
Support information and help tools are available on our Community Connection home page.