PSN: Pearson SuccessNet System Requirements
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Recommended System Requirements

Pearson SuccessNet makes your online learning experience as simple as possible to implement. Pearson SuccessNet operates using a variety of configurations. The requirements listed in the following table will provide an acceptable user experience. While other combinations of settings and software versions also may function, the following is our recommendation for optimal use.

Visit the Pearson SuccessNet Page on Community Connection for more information regarding Pearson SuccessNet recommended system requirements and setup.

Note: Configure pop-up blockers to include successnetplus.com, pearsonsuccessnet.com, media.pearsoncmg.com, school.pearsoned.com, and view.etext.home2.pearsoncmg.com in the list of allowed sites. If in doubt, check with your school's technology department for the proper browser pop-up and security settings. Pearson does not recommend disabling pop-up blockers. Enable JavaScript™ and cookies. Disable the Internet Explorer® Content Advisor.

Browsers Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (Desktop Only), Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop Only), Google® Chrome™, Apple® Safari® 5, Apple Safari 6, Mozilla® Firefox®
Hardware Requirements 1 gigahertz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a screen resolution of 1024×768
Internet Bandwidth

At School: 10 megabits of Internet throughput or a full T-1 with a web content caching device with 100 gigabytes of available cache storage

At Home: Broadband via cable modem, DSL, or other high-speed Internet connection

Check your web cache settings. When properly configured, web caching may result in improved performance.

Additional Requirements

Adobe® Reader® (latest version), Adobe Flash® Player 11.2, Adobe Shockwave® Player 8.5, and QuickTime® 7 for all accounts
Microsoft Excel® or other spreadsheet software for teacher and administrator accounts

Allow outgoing HTTPS/SSL communication to pearsonsuccessnet.com through port 443.

System requirements are subject to change. Bookmark this article, and check back often for the latest information on system requirements.

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